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17 October 2015 @ 11:26 pm

Yes, welcome! We are your Sexy Honey Bunny girls, 6 girls who are fans of the Johnny's Entertainment group V6 and all enjoy singing! We have just started out and our aim is to produce numerous covers of your favourite V6 songs, though we won't limit ourselves just to V6, hopefully we will be working on other JE songs and non-JE songs. Our url is the romanisation of "Victory Girls" which was the original name (minus an i), based on "We Are Coming Century Boys" but it has been changed to "Sexy Honey Bunnies" after V6's recent single. :Db

How did it start? 
It started when ohnaganoes (who is obsessed with V6) re-introduced the group to her friend/classmate/fellow karaoke go-to-girl elsaaaaa (who is a NEWS fangirl) and gave her a copy of V6's recent single "Sexy.Honey.Bunny" to which both of them fell in love with the entire thing, but especially the song WALK. It was then that elsaaaaa, who had experience in the field of singing/dubbing, suggested singing a cover of it. ohnaganoes thought this was an amazing idea and asked a few of her LJ friends to join in~

Our current goal is the get our first song running, and once that happens, we will attempt to do more!

The Sexy Honey Bunnies!
ohnaganoes / elsaaaaa / bunny_d_kate / wasabisushi404 / kowareru_sekai / clipsie